Lord of the Flies, Chapters 11-12

Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Students started class by completing the 5-19 TGIG.

Announcements: As indicated on the English IIB Syllabus, the deadline for late work has passed. If you want to try to work something out with me (I’m not a total jerk all the time), you can email me or stay after school on Monday, May 23rd. I’ll be here from 2:45 — 3:45 just for you!

Activity: Today, students started by taking the following quizzes over Lord of the Flies.

  • Chapters 9-10 (4 multiple choice questions)
  • Chapters 11-12 (4 multiple choice questions)

Students also watched Lord of the Flies in The Simpson’s and played a Lord of the Flies Review Game while I did a final check (for 110 points) on Lord of the Flies Unit Packets.

Homework: If you didn’t finish reading the text(Lord of the Flies), please do so in preparation for Tuesday’s test over the novel!


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