4-25-11: English IVB Substitute

Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Students started by getting new grammar sheets. Next, students watched three short videos on the following topics.

  1. Noun Clauses
  2. Adjective Clauses
  3. Adverb Clauses

After watching the videos, students completed the 4-25 TGIG. Though instructions indicate that students must do more, students need only identify clauses and name the type. (The answer to #1, for example, is “adjective clause: who died several years ago.”)

Activity: Students read independently and had time to complete the 7th Independent Reading Log. Students also turned in signed progress reports based on grades from Infinite Campus. If you’d like to turn it in after today, you’ll need to do so with a late work or make-up work cover sheet from your English IVB Syllabus.

Homework: Complete the Act IV section of your Hamlet Theme Organizer by Tuesday, April 26th. Use your Hamlet text, and/or the Hamlet movie to supplement our reading in class!


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