English IV “Imagine” Day

Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Students completed the 4-8 TGIG and I put in your weekly grades for this activity (25 points).

Activity: Students worked in groups of 2 or 3 on the “Imagine” Essay Practice and turned it in at the end of class. Students had to write an introduction with a strong thesis statement (checked/initialed by me) with one fully supported body paragraph (3 examples with explanations). I scored essays in class for 50 points, and while students worked, I checked Hamlet Today Guided Notes.

Homework: You have one homework assignment, due Tuesday, April 19th. Finish Act I of Hamlet Theme Organizer based on your reading of Hamlet, Act I. The reading (after I.i, which we read in class yesterday) must be completed by Tuesday, April 19th, as well. Having trouble? Watch the Hamlet movie!


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