Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Students completed the 3-22 TGIG.

Activity: Today, students focused on the Comparative Poetry Analysis Prompt. We followed these steps below.

  • Look at the prompt. Recall your initial reaction to it and what you thought you would need to do a good job. Students who turned in these answers got extra credit.
  • Get out your Comparative Poetry Analysis Poem Choices. Star the set you picked. Is it “Childhood Memories,” “Romantic Love,” or “Natural Imagery?”
  • Get out one of your TPCASTT Graphic Organizers. This one should be filled out on one of your two selected poems. Is it thorough and correct? I graded these in class and marked scores on the poem choice sheet.
  • Now comes the real work of the class. Finish your other TPCASTT. This is what we spent most of our class time doing today. Final TPCASTTs were due at the end of class, and I marked these scores on your poem choices sheet, as well.

Homework: As long as both TPCASTTs are finished, you’re good to go! Please make sure you’re signed up on Turnitin!


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