Gallup Poll

Announcements: Have an upcoming scheduling appointment? Check the postings outside of the English Department, and if you have a scheduling appointment during my class, please let me know. I want to make sure I dismiss you right on time!

Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Today, students completed the questions from the 3-9 TGIG.

Activity: Students spent most of our class period in Lab 205. Here’s a run-down of what students had to do.

  • Students took the Gallup Poll for Ms. Davis. I’ll let you know if you need to make this up.
  • Confirm that you do, in fact, have an account on Turnitin and are enrolled for my section of AP English Literature and Composition. Read carefully the articles on the student help page entitled Forgotten Passwords and Submitting as a Student.  Issues with passwords and submission may crop up later, and understanding these processes can prevent you from turning in your work late. If you missed class, you do need to make this up!
  • Confirm that you have access to both your school email and your Infinite Campus accounts. It’s unlikely that you’ll be successful this trimester without them.

Homework: Watch “Metaphorically Speaking” and check Turnitin for your assignment. This is due tonight (Wednesday, March 9th) at midnight, and will count for 15 points. I’m looking for thoughtful responses, folks!


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