3/7/11: A Fresh Start

Thank Goodness It’s Grammar: Today, students started a new routine called Thank Goodness It’s Grammar. Every day, we’ll have a new mini-lesson and corresponding grammar questions. Keep your Thank Goodness It’s Grammar sheet (you’ll get a new one at the start of each week) in your classroom folder and look alive at the very start of class for your new mini-lesson so you’ll know how to answer the questions. If you’re extra-polite to a peer tutor, you might get help, too! I’ll check these sheets during small group each day. Accuracy counts! We watched a video called Understanding Relative Pronouns and then answered the first Thank Goodness It’s Grammar questions after a brief discussion about what relative pronouns are and how they work. If you missed these questions, you’ll have to make them up using the class binder.

Activities: Today was a busy day in Read 180. I introduced Anthony, your new peer tutor, and then I assigned new Groups for stations. I also passed out two new important documents.

  • Syllabus — This is due with a parent/guardian signature tomorrow. It’s worth 5 points as a homework grade!
  • Reading Log — This will be checked daily and grades will go in every Friday. It’s 50 points!

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