1/26/11: Works Cited, Etc.

Announcements: Students listened to multiple important announcements today.

  • AJ Bauer’s award-winning art will be displayed at a Covington Gallery starting on February 11th. The work will be displayed with the work of other Scholastic award-winners throughout the area. Attendance does count as a cultural event!
  • I surveyed students regarding ideas for after-prom since we have a new Youth Service Provider planning it this year. Please let me know if you have new ideas!
  • For the fourth time this trimester, I passed around ILP Access Cards. According to your Syllabus, the ILP had to be at 100% by January 13th — the day we took a class period to work on it.

Vocabulary: Students took quizzes for day 2 and 3 of week 6.

Activity: Students went to the library to work on the Hamlet Research Essay. Final drafts are due by midnight on Thursday, January 27th to Turnitin. Need another look at the prompt? Check out the Hamlet Research Essay Quick-write!

Homework: Submit your final draft of the Hamlet Research Essay to Turnitin by midnight tonight.


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