Summer Reading: Turnitin!

Today, I reminded students of due dates for Summer Reading Presentations. I promised a list of who presents when. Here it is . . .

Thursday, August 26th

  1. Calvin Whartman
  2. McKenzie Baker
  3. Taylor Veneman
  4. Quentin Muth
  5. Laysha Smith
  6. Aaron Hicks
  7. Sarah Handlon

Friday, August 27th

  1. Amanda Bruemmer
  2. Jacklyn Hemmerle
  3. A.J. Bauer
  4. Cory Schulkers
  5. Mackenzie Kinman
  6. James Hood
  7. Lauren Tibbs
  8. Will Kistler

Tuesday, August 31st

  1. Jacob Butler
  2. Jennifer Rohling
  3. Theron Adams
  4. Travis Farley
  5. A.J. Ryan
  6. Marissa Donaldson
  7. Dennis Drew
  8. Alex Bachmann
  9. Jordan Fite

Today, students had class time for two activities.

  1. Upload five summer reading documents to (The window closes at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, August 31st.)
  2. Read independently.

Tomorrow, we start presentations!


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