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English IIA

Students discussed the Chapter Questions and Literary Terms for Chapters 3-4 or Night. Students also took the Night Chapters 3-4 Quizzes, and then completed Journal 3. Here’s the prompt: “From a first-person point of view, write 2-3 paragraphs describing the scene of Mrs. Schachter’s hallucination. Imagine you are in the train car with her . . . What are you thinking? Is she crazy? Is she annoying? What do you think when you arrive at the camp and see smoke rising from the crematoria?”

English IVB

Today, we squeezed in as many  Pre-Final Mini-Project Presentations as possible. Everyone who has not presented has all of next week to present to me before school, after school, or during second period. Please just schedule it with me ahead of time.

Please contact me at if you need anything at all!


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