S.O.A.P.S. Activity

Students: in Oral Communications: Open the attached document to “pre-write” for your “how-to” speech. You will turn this in on the day of your “how-to” speech. Fill in each blank with at least one complete sentence.

If you finish early, please explore this helpful speech preparation website and read about the importance and practicality of outlining your speech. There are some great example outlines here! You will need to provide me with your index cards for your speech on the day that you present. While I will not require you to turn in an outline on this first speech, it would be wise to create an outline before you make your “cue” cards in order to ensure that your speech is organized! (It seems like outlines are more work, but they actually make your job as a speaker easier!)


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  1. sydney

    Well hello there sunshine!

    I would just like to comment on how useful and interactive your website is! I feel like speech qualities just ooze out my pores, and your posts just inspire me to create something that is so magnificent that I can’t wait to share it! Please continue allowing us to do interesting and fun activites! YOU ROCK MRS. HENSON!!

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